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Alane Scott currently works as a Realtor® for Century 21 Randall Morris & Associates in Bell County.  She graduated from CSLB with a BS in Health Sciences.  Initially Alane worked as a Health Educator for a Community College in Southern California and then moved on to become a Human Resource Manager for a mid-size window & door company in the same area.  Alane found through both of these careers that she had a love for teaching and helping others.

Alane took a short break from the corporate world to focus more on her family but really sought a calling again to work with people.  She has been happily married to her husband, Sonny, for twenty five years and has two fantastic kids, Cody (21) and Rachel (17).  During Alane’s time as an ‘at home Mom’ she found herself in the volunteer world of PTA, Girl Scouts and team sports.  She was never one to just sit on the side lines and not get involved.    She always loved interactions with different types of people and helping out where ever she could.

Alane was seeking a career where she could use all of her keen skills she developed over the years.  Skills that include, but are certainly not limited to, great customer service, consistent communication, strong attention to details.  The Real Estate industry fit that bill.  Alane knew, as a Realtor®, that she would be able to provide a positive and upbeat experience for all her clients, in any aspect of a transaction, whether they are the sellers, buyers, first-time buyers or cooperating agents.  Alane works tirelessly on your behalf, to make your real estate transaction the best possible experience!  Your best interest is my responsibility, from the “just looking” stage through the closing of escrow and beyond!

“It’s about the people, not me, and guiding them to realize their dreams and doing whatever it would take to help them to achieve these dreams!”

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